29. 7. –4. 8. 2024

Oulu, Finland

Potential to Grow meets Oulu Pride – Lunch & After -Work- Networking

Huom. Tämä tapahtuma järjestettiin vuonna 2022!

Perjantai 5.8.2022 klo 13.00–16.00
Cafe Rooster
Torikatu 26, 90100 Oulu
Somewhat steep stairs leading to the café / Kahvilaan jyrkähköt portaat.

Potential to Grow meets Oulu Pride – Lunch & After -Work- Networking

Cafe Rooster

Torikatu 26, 90100 Oulu

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This year’s Pride is all about activism, which can have many forms. But no agenda can be achieved alone. Therefore, it is important to meet like-minded persons in order to get support and new ideas.

Inspired by Oulu Pride Talk about the importance of mentoring and networking in August 2021, Potential to Grow was launched.
Now we are proud to return to its roots with this year’s Pride.

We organize an inclusive networking event in English, and invite all to come and have a talk about activism and connect. Are you interested in a special kind of activism? Do you have tips for others who would like to be active? Let’s get together, create new connections, and empower ourselves. Be welcome by all colours of the rainbow.

There will be an option to join for lunch 13-14h and coffee 14-16h with your own expense. Please sign-up here.

Everyone is welcome, whether you want to pop in for a quick talk or sit with us for a longer discussion and networking.

Shall there be any problems finding the venue or anything we can help with, message us directly potentialtogrow@gmail.com.

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